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Fantastic customer service from start to finish. I had so many questions and nothing was too much trouble, even the owner of the company took his time to face time me (on a Sunday too). Our gorgeous German Shepherd has had trouble coming to terms with the arrival of my son’s cat in the house! Whenever she sees the cat at the window from my son’s room she will go crazy barking, and drives us crazy. We allow her outside in the day – and again if the cat appeared in the back window she would jump up and bark so loudly – we were so worry that the neighbours would complain. One day she jumped up barking at the cat and actually smashed the window – fortunately we were home but we could have had two very injured pets on our hands. We knew we had to do something and so a friend had recommended the dog collar they had got from the BleeshWear.

My 14 yo daughter was hesitant about using this on the dog, but the staff even spoke to her and assured her and she was happy about it. They really were so patient with us. More importantly – IT WORKED!

Our German Shepherd is no longer barking crazily every time Puss in Boots appears and we don’t have to worry about our poor neighbours and more importantly we can allow Sandy to play in the back garden without worrying about windows being smashed and not having to barricade the windows! Thank you so much everyone at the BleeshWear and Colin for sharing your valuable time on a Sunday to facetime us, and to assure my daughter that we were acting in EVERYONE’S best interest. I highly recommend anyone thinking of a dog collar to speak to the BleeshWear who will talk you through which product is most suitable for you. Best $$$ have every spent on a product. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE.

Mark Jance

We have had our system for about 20 years and three dogs. Absolutely happy to recommend this system. We have just purchased new wire to replace some of the perimeter which has succumbed to damage from the sun but I think 20 years of service has been good value. We are adjusting the fence because snakes are active this year. We can keep our fur baby away from bushes and areas of concern. Absolutely happy with our dog fence and happy to recommend the system to anyone who wants to give their dog freedom to move but also keep them safe.

Tim Mud

When we adopted Frankie our English Springer we had trouble with training her to stay away from the gardens and had a fear that she would escape our 1-acre property. When she was inside she kept sneaking to the bedrooms and destroying the kid’s toys. We purchased a DogWatch Electic Hidden Dog Fence with the Premium Collar as well as the Indoor Disc. When I contacted BleeshWear their staff were extremely helpful and put together a package to suit our property and talked me through every step on installation. The fence changed Frankie’s behavior immediately and within 1 week she knew her boundary. It saved our gardens and has kept her safe ever since. The indoor disc is amazing to aid teaching boundaries and keep Frankie off furniture or away from a room. As soon as she hears the beep, she stops and backs away. It’s rare that she needs an actual correction. I love the system and strongly recommend getting one. The customer service from BleeshWear Staff is second to none. When I needed a warranty repair they understood the urgency and I had the replacement part within 2 days. If you are considering a proximity fence, you can’t go past this one. Easy to setup, works amazing and is top quality with a great company. Thank you BleeshWear!


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